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Ok peeps, so lots of great things have been happening lately (not including the canned pop-country playing in the coffee shop in Wicker Park, Chicago where I am currently typing…)

I made a record of new compositions for a special quartet back in November, got it mixed in December with the amazingly talented engineer Landon Arkens. The music is something I’m really proud of. I had a stellar band consisting of NYC monster drummer Mike Pride, and Minneapolis bros Adam Linz on bass and Brandon Wozniak on saxes. I’m currently shopping it around to some labels, so if you know anyone that might want to get a piece of this on their label, hit me up.

Last weekend I went to Kansas City to play with the super-human talents and beacon of positivity Brandon Draper, and bassist Ben Leifer. The music was insane. We improvised a two sets of live instrument drum and bass, afro cuban, electro, shred, and post rock that makes Sound Tribe Sector 9 sound like your dad’s hobby basement band. You can check it out HERE.

This week has seen me in Chicago and my old hometown of Madison WI for a bunch of really outstanding concerts with different bands. I had a chance to reconnect with Deconunisms (Devin Drobka and John Christensen) at Reggies on Wednesday, and we are planning some Summer touring so look out for that. Friday I had the pleasure of playing with trumpet master Russ Johnson, Devin Drobka, and Anton Hatwich. The music was really intense and inspiring despite the ultra-weird acoustics in the UW Madison Rathskellar. Afterwards I ate an entire small Glass Nickel Pizza (the “Cardiac Arrest”) and then sat in with Afrobeat legend Tani Diakate, which was a friggin’ blast. I could totally play the same thing in the same key and tempo all night if it feels like THAT.

Last night Russ and I played with a different rhythm section consisting of Charles Rumback and Daniel Thacher at the House Party Starting Jazz Series. It was an emotional set of music that made me feel emotional emotions. Monday concludes my Chicago romp with what will surely be a paint-peeling 2 sets with Anton Hatwich and Chicago-via-Portland transplant drummer John Neikrasz, who is getting superfans in his corner like Tim Daisey and Frank Rosaly, so u know this cat is LEGIT.

Keep checking up on this website as I’m in the process of uploading old live sets and new media every week, and be good to each other!!

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