Hello out there in the internet aether!

So much happening right now… oh my golly… can’t even deal…….the hits just keep coming.

So I finally got this nice website all updated with my current music releases, band pages, and a slightly less absurd bio! Current pics! Music I like!

My Quartet Album “Episodes” just dropped online, and if you haven’t heard it well then click on over to the “music” page and have yourself a listen! While you’re at it, scope out my other fabulous projects! Flamethrower will singe your armhair and Deconunisms plays improvised musical depictions of unrequited love. My new cassette release “A Dozen Suns” is two 15 minute tracks of deconstructed solo electric guitar and electronic processing of said electric guitar. Some of it is heavy, and some is blissed out psychedelia. All of it is hot, and for sale! Help me pay for a tape painting by Neil Perbix!

You can buy these music artifacts online from me directly, but I also really like record stores and want YOU to support them too, so I have physical copies for sale at Hymies in Minneapolis, Homers and Almost Music in Omaha, and Lefty’s in Lincoln.

I recently returned from my motherland, Minneapolis, MN, where I recorded a seriously dark and moody set of improv with the MASTERS Anthony Cox, Mike Lewis, and JT Bates. Those guys played beautifully and are truly some of the deepest musicians on the planet. The concept of this music was based on HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu story and will be pressed to VINLY, son!, and will feature evil-yet-gorgeous artwork by Josh Norton.  Check back for updates regarding pre-orders in the next month or two!

Finally, I’m playing a concert this Friday (11/8/13) at the Zoo Bar in Lincoln with one of my favorite musicians alive or dead, drummer Dave King. Dave is best known for his work in the Bad Plus, but he is in literally 40000000 bands that are all different and all killing (that’s my jazz lingo for real good and exciting). We will be improvising it all, which is really cool because it means that Dave trusts me not to suck and to pull my weight, WHICH I WILL!!!  so I really hope you local bros will come out to witness our earthy-yet-esoteric hyperdynamism at work! If you don’t come and instead go to see Iron and Wine I will take it personally! Seriously! Rootsy, bearded songwriter vs. avant garde electro acoustic jazz pummeling and whipsers?!! NO CONTEST! (i actually really like iron and wine, but seriously dudes…  Dave is really funny on the mic… and i used to have a long beard too, but I got tired of having food in it, so now it’s short…)

That’s about all I’ve got for you intelligent and sensitive breathers of the rarefied air of outsider music. Thanks for checking in!


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