Headshot 5Luke Polipnick is a creative guitarist, composer, and educator in Omaha, Nebraska. He is originally from Minneapolis, MN, a city whose influence is noticeable in his unselfconscious genre-blurring and emphasis on the collective “band” ethos. His writing and playing display an emotive intensity and density that is balanced by plainly spoken, angular lyricism. Luke’s music is an interpretation of the jazz diaspora distilled through free improvisational process and Americana, pop, electronica, and global folkloric vernaculars.

Luke earned a Bachelors of Music in composition at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln under Dr. Randall Snyder. He went on to earn his Masters of Music at Northern Illinois University under acclaimed guitar virtuoso and educator Fareed Haque. Now based in Omaha, he maintains active ties to the Chicago, Minneapolis, and Kansas City creative music communities, and tours regularly. He is on the faculty at the Omaha Conservatory of Music as a guitar and theory instructor, and is the co-founder/curator of the Almost Music Concert Series in Omaha, which seeks to foster connections, growth and experimentation in the Midwestern music community.

Polipnick leads his self-titled Group, whose debut cd Episodes recently launched his own Eunonia label (EU1), and features Brooklyn drummer Mike Pride and Minneapolitans Adam Linz on bass and Brandon Wozniak on saxophones. Polipnick’s A Dozen Suns solo project just released a cassette tape (EU2) of electronically processed ambient doom and psychedelic bliss. Up next on the release schedule is an LP of improvisations featuring Mike Lewis, Anthony Cox, and JT Bates, featuring artwork by Joshua Norton focusing on HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu character. Polipnick also leads his own Trio featuring Omaha artists Mitch Towne on organ and Dana Murray on drums, which can be heard every Tuesday in Omaha at Pageturners Lounge. His other bands are the Polipnick Esoteric Trio, Flamethrower, Deconunisms, Hotlines, and Type Type, as well as freelance sideman work and ad hoc improvising units.


  • Artist in Residence at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts (2014).
  • Performances on the Spark, Soundfield, and Sonic Circuits festivals.
  • Music for film (Broken Ground – dir. Clay Masters) and fashion (Dan Richters).

Select collaborators:

Dave King, Anthony Cox, Tim Daisy, Mike Pride, JT Bates, Michael Lewis, Russ Johnson, Bryan Day, Brandon Draper, Devin Drobka, Tim Glenn, Anton Hatwich, Quin Kirchner, Adam Linz, Dave Miller, Dana Murray, Tatsuya Nakatani, John Niekrasz, Charles Rumback, Mitch Towne, Brandon Wozniak.